Alan Beaumont Management is a Cheshire based company and was founded in 1997 by Alan Beaumont, who still wholly owns the company and engineers its success on a day to day basis.

Alan's aim when creating the company, was to build a company that could meet and exceed clients expectations on a daily basis in a field, that was not renowned for its professionalism, whilst working in an industry he thoroughly enjoyed.

Whilst creating events that are admired and run as efficiently and cost effectively as is humanely possible, Alan realises that the success of an event can be measured in many ways and is always striving for continued, improving, success in all of these areas.

The resources that are available through Alan Beaumont Management are immense and have been collated through 20 years of management services, on both sides of the fence as a client and now as a service provider.

With the planning expertise offered by Alan Beaumont Management all risk is removed from your projects and the management of your project is all about skill.